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How to: Create an EXABucketFS service and bucket

We recently upgraded our Exasol version from 5.0.17 to 6.0.3 and we noticed that our existing Python modules were gone and jobs that we’ve automated were failing. After reading through the updated documentation we figured out Exasol has introduced a cool new feature called EXABucketFS.

After reading through various community questions and YouTube videos I was able to get the hang of uploading modules and linking them up with Exasol.

Here’s a quick guide on how to create an EXABucketFS service and bucket.

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Using Variables in Exaplus

I’ve been using Exasols database for a while but wasn’t aware that you can pass variables in the scripts I’m writing. Although I usually write¬†are lua scripts it’s useful to have the ability to include variables in complex queries.

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Using DBeaver with Exasol

Over the past year I’ve started using Exasol (in-memory database for Analytics) and migrating away from the traditional Microsoft SQL Server.

Exasol has it’s own user interface called Exaplus, to write SQL statements for EXASolution. It’s a GUI based software that has syntax highlighting, a very useful transfer wizard to import/export files as well as a schema browser.

As good as Exaplus is it didn’t have that personal “oumph” to it until I came across DBeaver. DBeaver is a “Free Universal SQL Client” that has a variety of different features that I find useful as a SQL Developer.

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