Being a database developer I’ve got experience with SQL, SSIS, SSRS, Exasol, and Tableau. I need to add some arsenal to my skill set so I’ve started learning some Python in my free time.

I’ve began to set up my machine to let me work with Python so I’ve downloaded Anaconda.

Anaconda is a python and R distribution which provides over 100 python packages/libraries, trying to provide “everything” you require for data science. Anaconda also has it own IDE called Spyder although I’ve also used PyCharm as an alternative.

When using PyCharm you are able to still use the Anaconda distribution by doing the following:

Settings > Producct > Project Interpreter > Add Local > Navigate to directory where Anaconda is

My first task was to load a CSV using Pandas.

import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_csv("C:\Users\Joe Blogs\Desktop\FL_insurance_sample.csv")

We’ve began by importing the pandas data frame and aliased this as pd. Using the read_csv method to read the contents of the csv and place them into the variable df. Finally we’ve printed the contents off the csv to with headers.

Python 1

I’ll be writing more regular articles as I work more with Python, pandas and Anaconda. Hope someone finds this useful to get there foot through the door with python as I found this to be daunting task to begin with.



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